Recipe Resources

I find many recipes that I want to try but it might take me a while to get around to making them all. If you are a Celiac or suffer from gluten sensivities OR are Paleo/Primal, here are some great resources that I use for finding new recipes:

NomNomPaleo – I have used this site as a reference for some recipes I have tried. I love how the website looks so kid-friendly.

Elana’s Pantry – I just bought her Paleo Cooking book and I look forward to making some of the recipes inside. She is such a great resource.

Balanced Bites – I just started following Diane and her site via Facebook and while I usually skim my newsfeed, many of her posts catch my attention. I also hope to try her 21-day sugar detox soon!

Against All Grain – A great recipe blog for anyone who wants to cut out the gluten! Now I just have to buy her new cookbook.

Tessa the Domestic Diva – I just started following her on Facebook too and I can’t wait to try some of her food posts! I recently tried her Dense & Fudgey Chocolate Brownies (Paleo, Vegan, Gluten and nut free) and they were so delicious! She also has a weekly post call Allergy Free Wednesdays for people with food allergies.

Real Sustenance – a great resource for gluten-free recipes! I have only tried a handful of recipes so far, but what I have made so far my family loves!

Paleo Parents – After eating Paleo for two weeks, discovering the Paleo Parents and their first book “Eat Like a Dinosaur” was a godsend. They make Paleo and gluten free recipes easy and fun for everyone–including the kids. I also love reading some of their other posts on other allergies and stress and accepting who you are.

Celiac Kiddo – Dana is such a fun blogger and I love the recipes she posts.

EmmyCafeLatte – Another fellow WordPress blogger than I discovered right away when I started my blog this year. I have been wanting to make her Paleo bread recipe for so long! And then make her french toast!

Google – if I am just not finding a recipe that mimics the gluten-y non-Primal recipe I know and love–I search on terms like “Gluten-Free

” or “Paleo
” It can lead to some delicious discoveries.


More to come!

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