The following websites are some places to find more information and support for a gluten-free or Paleo lifestyle including recipes!

Real Sustenance – a great resource for gluten-free recipes! I haven’t tried very many yet since I just found this site, but what I have made so far my family loves!

Paleo Parents – After eating Paleo for two weeks, discovering the Paleo Parents and their first book “Eat Like a Dinosaur” was a godsend. Finally, we had some recipes for the foods we had been craving but that fit within the guidelines of our new diet. I love their story and the book, and if you have the money to spend–buy the book! We have tried a number of recipes from their book–some of which you can also find on their website–and they are delicious! There are many more I look forward to trying!

The Dirty Floor Diaries – I recently discovered this blog through the Paleo Parents post on Facebook and I found I really enjoyed reading many of the blog posts and meal ideas! This website actually led me to Real Sustenance!


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