new hair cut and style 2013-03I never really know how to introduce myself on a blog or in person. When I was a cat-crazy kid, I would always start by talking about my pets and their family tree–but this blog isn’t about my cats (actually, my husband’s cats) or my children (although, I do write about them from time to time). This blog is about food and my efforts to achieve (and maintain) a healthy body.

I recently had my second child, a daughter (to our surprise), and during my pregnancy I kept a food journal and eventually monitored my blood sugars. Through the journey of tracking my weight, food, and blood sugars, I saw how certain foods affected how I felt and many of the chronic illnesses I have suffered from for years. During my pregnancy I was able to lose 29lbs, and I plan to continue to lose weight through adjusting my diet and adding exercise and strength and resistance training.

Currently, our family is mostly gluten-free (my husband is the exception), but I would like to see us eat more of a Primal diet most of the time (80%). I will be setting some dietary goals now that my pregnancy is over and as I have periodically through the last few months, post an honest update about those goals. I also largely use WordPress to find and try new recipes that are at least gluten-free. When they are successful, I take photos and post them here with a link to the original author (or where I found it). Sometimes, I make modifications to recipes or do my own thing with guidance from some recipes I have found (like my Paleo-ish Fried “Rice”). Often times when I make modifications, I don’t measure. Sorry, I am someone who likes to eye-ball it.

I also will post articles about eating gluten-free, Primal, or Paleo or dieting in general. One thing I had planned to do–and would still like to do is post photos of the number of carbohydrates in a serving of food. Ideally, I would illustrate it by breaking the serving into a specific number of pieces that correspond to the number of carbohydrates in the serving. So if a slice of bread has 15g of carbohydrates, I would take a photo of a slice of bread broken into 15 pieces. I have seen video on Youtube that illustrate similar concepts based on calories and sugar–but as someone having to monitor my carbohydrates, they add up really quickly!

Eventually, I would also like to try to do a Whole30. I am not ready yet, but I know I will get to the point where I will need to push myself with a challenge like that. And maybe it will be something I can work up to by doing a half of a Whole30 (so a Whole15). Maybe that is blasphemous for those who have done it, but if I have learned anything in my journey so far it is that baby steps are okay. If that means breaking  a 30-day challenge in half, then I am going to do it.

So whatever the reason for you stopping by my blog, I hope you will find something you like or something worth reading. If there is one rule about my blog that I always abide by it is to be honest. I try to be honest with all of my readers because it forces me to be honest with myself!


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