When Stress Gets the Upper Hand

Where have I been lately? How have I been lately? What have I been doing lately?

I have been at work, at home, at my children’s daycare, at the doctor’s office, at the store, and in the kitchen, but I have also been spending more time sitting in a chair, pumping food for may daughter.

Did I remember to tell you that I had a daughter? Oh, yeah, I did!

So back to stress–I have been under a lot of stress lately, especially since returning to work full-time. There is a lot of good stress there with spending time with both of my children but there has been a lot of bad stress as well from sickness to my husband losing his job to issues with respect. We have been able to overcome some of these issues–my husband has a new job that he seems to really enjoy and seems to be a better fit for him than his previous job. I am writing and talking and visiting my mom and my aunt more since they have been able to help us out and still respect our boundaries.

But there are still some huge sources of stress and anxiety in my life that I am trying to learn to handle. Because I do want to be a better all-around person, I am learning new ways to communicate and I decided to start running. Well, I run (jog) for about a minute for every two minutes I walk at this point, but I want to work my way up to running.

The stress that I have been dealing with has been having a negative impact on my eating decisions and while I realize and recognize that I am not eating what I should, I want to find other ways to bring down the stress so it makes it easier for me to make healthier decisions.

So some things I am doing to reduce the stress in my life right now:

  • Accept I can’t do everything. As much as I would love to post to this blog and my other (non-food) Honestly with Amy blog, I have to accept that I can’t right now. I have to accept that I will post when I can find the time.
  • Accept that I may not be able to BF or pump enough milk for my daughter. I know that I have reached the point that my milk is dwindling and it will require me to spend more time than I can right now to bring my supply back up. I just have to be okay with that.
  • As I mentioned before, I am starting to run. This week, I found that it is easier to run in the morning. It really seems to, how to describe it–it just makes my day. My energy is higher and more stable through the day. I don’t really think about a lot. I will have to go into more detail about my morning workouts.
  • Going to bed earlier–I wish I could be in bed around 10AM, but I have been getting to bed around 11:30PM most nights, getting about 6 hours of sleep. If I could get 8 hours of sleep it would be wonderful.

I am also talking to a therapist and a second one with my husband in order to handle additional stressors that have been negatively affecting our relationship. We have started looking for a new place to live–a smaller place that we can afford in order to get back on track financially. (So we can eventually buy a house!)

I would really like to be able to elaborate on the additional stressors in my life these past several months, but to do that, I would probably hurt at least one person’s very fragile feelings.

So while my posts are sparser than I would like, I hope you will still follow me until I have more time to dedicate to writing. I probably won’t be participating in NaNoWriMo again this November (sigh).


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