Time for a New Challenge

I decided to start running. I just need to find a good armband for my Galaxy Note II. 😛

new shoes for running


4 responses to “Time for a New Challenge

  1. I’ve given up on arm bands, having never found one that was comfortable enough, that made my phone accessible enough, that blah, blah, blah enough. I’m thinking about trying this: http://flipbelt.com/ just haven’t bought it yet. Good luck with your running!!

    • Thanks, Chuck! I ended up getting a Tune Belt armband. It works pretty well. I mean, I am not used to wearing them in general, so I am still adjusting. But the flip belt looks pretty nice too! It would work better for the pedometer I have on one of the apps on my phone.
      Thank you! I have an update on the running that I need to start writing.

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