Baby Story

I promised a while ago I would go into greater detail about the birth of my second child. I actually had written something really nice in my last post, but it was lost. I wasn’t about to try to rewrite it.

This might not be written as beautifully, but I will try.

We were told at my 20 week ultrasound that we were “probably” having a boy. It was something we had heard before with our son, so even with that small chance the tech might be wrong, we believed we were having another boy. We tried to decide on a name for him. For everyone else, we stressed that “probably” and didn’t reveal the name either way, just in case.

Around our house when it was just us, I tried to get used to calling our future son by his name and referring to him as a “him.” We even decided to forgo buying anything new for the time being since we had so many tiny boy clothes left over from our first. Even though I believed I was having another boy, I still had that nagging at the back of my head that said “Well, what if it is a girl?” This nagging little voice kept me from buying any onesie or t-shirt that had “Little Brother” on it, because somehow I felt it would jinx it and I would have a girl.

Despite the nagging voice, I still believed I would having a boy. I was ready to meet my second son as I was wheeled down to surgery, my anesthetist calmly describing how the boys would grow up–my older son looking out for my younger son and my younger son being a little daredevil.

So when the moment came when I heard that the head was emerging and I saw my husband peak over the cloth wall, I waited for the confirmation that it was a boy. I heard him cry. And I heard some people in the room say “boy” but my doctor’s voice didn’t. I didn’t hear her voice. My husband was still peaking over the cloth wall when I heard her finally say, “Do you want to tell her the news?”

Well, jeez! Now I am worried that there is something terribly wrong with my son. I meet my husband’s eye and whether he intended to or not, he paused and all he said was the girl’s name we had picked out since I was pregnant with our first child.

I said, “No.” It was a surprise, and I still couldn’t believe it when I held her later. My doctor later told me that she too had been in shock. She was ready to welcome little Lucien into the world, but when she looked down, she was clearly looking at girl parts! She later explained that in all her 11 years, this is the only second time this has ever happened to her.

So if our second child had been a boy, his name would have been Lucien. 🙂

As it is our “Little Bird” is  doing very well. She is growing so fast, probably due to how much she eats and sleeps. Of course, she won’t sleep as long as I would like in order to get a good night’s sleep. Maybe someday.


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