New Baby Means Less Time in the Kitchen

Where have I been and what have I been cooking? I had a baby, and I haven’t had much time for cooking anything since coming home from the hospital. I am sure other parents out there understand and have been where I am before–I would like to say I have been here before too, but it is a whole different game this time around. For one, I don’t just have a newborn–I have a newborn and a toddler, which makes things a lot more challenging. I am not even going to consider what my mental, emotional, and physical state would be if we had more–two is the limit for the time being.

Baby Stuff

I had written a beautiful story here but the editor lost it or deleted it. So I will have to re-write it later when I am not tired and it isn’t 1AM. I am miffed about losing it all.

Updates and Goals

Ok, I did start on the post about stress as I had intended to post well before I had my baby. I think I am struggling with it because I don’t want it to turn into a rant, but I feel like I need to explain what was happening those last few weeks.

My weight. The hospital scale measured me at 253lbs when I was admitted to the birthing unit–with shoes. I weighed myself at 247lbs the day before on my usual scale. I couldn’t weigh myself again until I got home. I am down to 228lbs right now–so I have dropped about 20 lbs. It is really nice to have lost so much weight–and it is kind of amazing when you seemingly lose it in a burst. But on the other hand–my clothes are all wrong right now! Sure, I am able to wear jeans and shirts I haven’t worn in years and some of them are too big for me, but I am not someone who hangs on to a lot of clothes that don’t fit, so my wardrobe isn’t very diverse right now. I have three pairs of jeans I can wear without worrying that they are going to fall off me. I just ordered two new pairs of jeans online that based on my latest measurements (measuring waist and hip again) should fit.

My diet…hasn’t been so good. When I was int he hospital and was severely limited in meal options, I allowed myself to have a bit of a carbohydrate vacation–I allowed myself more carbs than I had for the last few months. Since being home, that turned into a carb and gluten vacation. Ugh, I am really disappointed with myself for not even being able to stick to my gluten-free diet better. So getting back into the habit of holding myself accountable by posting online, I get the time I need to really be honest with not just my audience but myself about what I want and what I need to do to achieve what I want. When I am more conscious about my eating decisions, I make smarter choices.

I am going to start setting some goals for myself. I am not going to be soft and change one thing every week. I know I can do better and handle some bigger challenges.

  • No more gluten! Say bye-bye to gluten for at least three weeks–then I can have one–ONE–gluten meal.
  • Record meals. Not recording what I have been eating isn’t helping me. I am conscious about what I am eating as I am preparing (usually grabbing) it, but I don’t consider the serving size or my overall daily consumption. And I know I am eating way too many carbohydrates right now for my weight-loss goals!
  • Record blood sugars. I am not required to monitor them anymore, but I have the stuff and I can get refills for the strips and lancets until January, so why not? I am hoping if I continue to monitor, I will get a better sense of how certain foods affect me so I don’t need to monitor anymore.
  • Eat less than 120g of carbohydrates every day. I may only allow myself one day a week one I can break this rule, but generally, I want to stick to this as much as possible. I need to reign in my carb-binging ways. Eventually, I want to work towards eating less than 100g, and then less than 75g. I don’t know if I will ever try to eat less than 50g of carbohydrates in a day–maybe for a short period of time or if I hit a weight-loss wall. It might be worth trying if nothing else is working for me.
  • Take at least one walk everyday. I have been starting to move more this week. The weather has been a bit crazy with 80* weather on Tuesday and tomorrow only getting up to 43*.
  • Take 45min in one block of time or broken up throughout the day to draw or write or cook or take an extra long shower. Lately, I feel like I am just doing for everyone else and I don’t have any time to take care of myself and really have time to de-stress.

I should make some kind of daily checklist to make sure I do these things every day. With having to remember so much more and taking care of everyone, my memory is failing me.

  • Short-term weight loss goal: 220lbs
  • SMART weight loss goal: I would like to weight 220lbs in 3-4 weeks. (Not the SMARTest, but I am giving myself a soft deadline to achieve my goal by).
  • I would like to weigh around 200lbs by July 4th.


I haven’t had much time for cooking or baking lately. I am excited that my mother brought her dehydrator for me to borrow for a month so we can prepare dried fruit and jerky as easy go-to snacks (and in my case, meals). She made us some jerky too and it was delicious! I have some jerky recipes from Eat Like a Dinosaur that I want to try. I hope they are just as delicious.

As I try new recipes that I can link to, I will try to post about them. I usually don’t have a lot of time for typing unless I stay up much too late (like I am tonight). I am working on a solution that would give me a little more keyboard time in the future. I will just have to see how well it pans out.

Coming Up…

I would like to finish my post(s) about stress. I have been using a new product on my skin that I would like to post about–not exactly food or diet related. I have also tried out a few recipes that I should post about–I need to take photos and whatnot. 😛 And I am realizing that when I do talk about my family I need to come up with some nicknames. So I will have to have a short post about them. I think some of the non-food related posts may have to go on a different blog. Would you read it if I did write about something other than food? We’ll see how all of this pans out. I always seem to give myself some posting goals that I don’t always achieve.

I hope all of my readers are doing well. 🙂


2 responses to “New Baby Means Less Time in the Kitchen

  1. Holy cow, congrats on your new baby!!! I’m reading your posts backwards, and just realized I should try to catch up 🙂 The early days/weeks of having 2 is really tough, so hang in there as best you can, it can and does get easier!!

    • Thank you! I am hoping it will be a bit easier to post more in the next couple weeks since my husband is home, but I am also busy writing and proofing his cover letters–not much of a writer unless it is code!
      I am just glad there isn’t a jealousy problem…yet. 🙂

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