Homemade Peeps: a once a year thing

I made homemade peeps for the first time this year. I won’t be doing this again for another year unless I am being paid. Cooking marshmallows–I couldn’t do it for a living. But I had some success.

greasing bunny molds

We used melted coconut oil to coat our bunny mold. It also worked well for cutting those sticky white bunnies out!

I had two recipes for making these. I basically followed this recipe, but my sugar source was a mix thanks to this recipe. I used 1/2 cup evaporated cane sugar, 1/4 C raw honey (I am trying to use the stuff up), and 1/4 C (liquid) honey.

They taste like honey. So I think I’ll stick with the evaporated cane sugar next time. If I don’t care about color so much, I suppose I could have tried using a date puree…but I am not sure if that would have set up as nicely.

Anyway, so you heat the water and sugar using a candy thermometer–don’t even consider using your meat thermometer since those things can’t always take the heat! I considered it briefly, and decided to drop the money ($10) on the candy thermometer.

My biggest problem was probably letting it whip for too long in the mixer–I let it get too sticky. I put the marshmallow into a ziplock bag to pipe it into the mold–probably would have worked better if I hadn’t mixed for so long (one extra minute or so). The bag opened up on me and made a huge mess.

After filling the molds, you just let it sit and setup. Then you take the sticky white bunnies out of the molds. I greased my hands with melted coconut oil and in the end found it immensely easier to coat a butter knife with the coconut oil and go around the mold with the butter knife first. If I did it slowly enough, they came out nicely.

Then they went into the colored sugar–which I would have liked to have made but I didn’t.

Then I put them on some parchment paper and added the eyes and nose.

homemade bunny peeps 1

So next year if you are feeling ambitious–give them a try.

homemade bunny peeps 2


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