Paleo Fried “Rice”

This past weekend I finally got around to making Paleo Fried “Rice”, which utilizes cauliflower for the rice of the dish. I also used coconut aminos for the first time.

cauliflower rice

I made three different batches for our family. I like chicken fried rice, so my batch had chicken. My husband doesn’t like chicken at all, so I added some mushrooms and extra veggies to his fried rice. Our son, who still has some problems with vegetable and apple skins and sometimes finds chicken too dry, got ground beef and turkey fried rice with the skins taken off the zucchini.

My son’s fried rice was the blandest–I didn’t want to over season it–but he enjoyed nibbling on his father’s fried rice while I was cooking.

Cooking Vegetables

Perhaps the only thing not Paleo is the peas. Sorry, but I love the taste of peas in my friend rice.

cooking egg in fried rice

For spices, I used sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder (my yellow onion had gone bad), and a little ginger. I was using several different recipes as a guide with my own experimentation. I mistakenly used ground mustard instead of onion powder for my tiny experiment batch, but my husband didn’t notice. I sprinkled the spice throughout the process, so I didn’t get a measurement of how much to use.

Now some advice–the biggest advice I can give when working with cauliflower as an alternative to rice–be prepared for the mess! I made up all the cauliflower first, cleaned my counter top (and floor) and everything else before starting to cut up my vegetables. Cauliflower “rice” will make a mess, even though I used a food processor, it still got everywhere!

Otherwise, this was an easy meal to put together over the weekend (in my case, a Sunday afternoon) that at least my son and I are still eating on! I made my son an omelet for daycare yesterday and used some of his fried “rice” in the omelet and while it didn’t stick  (no cheese), it still turned out well and he ate most of it. So YAY! for versatile leftovers!

I used NomNomPaleo and Paleo with a Purpose (The California Aggie) as guides for making this dish. I didn’t use the same ingredients they used because we like different things, but both of these recipes helped!

Also, working with coconut aminos…I was really suprised to find that they impart the soy sauce taste I am used to in fried rice.

So I would definitely recommend giving this a try. If you don’t have a recipe guinea pig like I do, make a little at a time until you get the taste just right.


2 responses to “Paleo Fried “Rice”

  1. Interesting – We have just started on the Paleo Lifestyle and really excited about it – cant say the same for our 2 sons though – I notice that you made different flavours for your husband and son – is this what you do with each meal you cook?

    • Not usually–we all had different flavors of fried “rice.” Whenever I can make things that we all can share–the easier it is on me as the household chef. I really look forward to my children being old enough to start having fun helping with meal and snack preparation. I currently get a little help with pressing the button on the food processor.
      My son is young enough that the Paleo lifestyle hasn’t been such a shock. I don’t know how old your sons are, it might be easier to ease them into it instead of cold turkey, which can be a challenge even for adults!
      Before our first paleo month, I took a couple weeks to try out a high fat/low carb diet and allowed myself one high carb item a day (like a cookie). I would often eat half at one meal and the rest later. It helped my clear the cupboards and add healthier carb choices such as fresh fruits.
      And if you need a good resource for more advice–check out the Paleo Parents!

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