Baked Apple Slices and Chocolatey-Good Cupcakes!

I managed to try a couple new things this week, well, more like three new recipes, but I only took photos of two.

sliced apples before baking

My son wasn’t eating his fried apples earlier this week, so I decided to try some baked apples instead. I used the slicer attachment for my stand mixer for the first time and I can say for apple pie it would have worked out really well, but for baked apple slices…not so much. I should have just used our mandolin slicer.

baked sliced apples

Even though they are baked, they are mostly still soft. I changed the recipe to use coconut oil instead of butter and I omitted the sugar. My husband thought a little sugar would have been nice, but I think they tasted just fine without.

paleo chocolate cupcate

The other recipe I tried this week was this coconut flour chocolate cupcake recipe. I added some chocolate chips to the mixture. The frosting was a mix of several different chips and Kisses I had in my baking lazy susan. The frosting tasted a bit funny, but overall, I thought the combo was yummy. My frosting didn’t get fluffy, and so we melted it a bit and poured it on top of the cupcakes, refrigerating them to stiffen the frosting.

I need more cocoa powder to make more of these delicious treats!


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