Cheese Chips!

I have been snacking a lot more lately–probably has something to do with the fact that I can’t eat as much in one sitting–and my son has been needing some low-carb snack options for at home with Grandma and at day care.

I had tried making cheese chips a number of times on the stove top or using my heart-shaped silicone molds, but they never turned out. Well, this weekend casey13lee shared an easy cheesy chip recipe (link in her blog post).  It is really easy, but the parchment paper is a must!

Cheese chips before baking

I made it even easier since we have so many sticks of cheese lying around (from Costco)–I just cut then and put them on some parchment paper with a little seasoning.

The timing is key–I just basically watch them carefully. Maybe 5 minutes at most–like I said, I watch them and my oven doesn’t like to display the clock when the oven is on.

Behold the yumminess (some have been eaten already!)

cheese chips after baking

I don’t know if you have to refrigerate them, but we did.


3 responses to “Cheese Chips!

  1. Cheese sticks! What a great idea! That so much less messy than my shredded cheese idea. They look great!

    • I really like the shredded cheese idea for when you want a cheese medley. I quickly got tired of cutting my really big chips down for our son to eat them. As it is, I have to cut the cheese sticks into quarters before they bake small enough for him to eat. 😛
      But the cheese sticks are definitely less mess. 🙂

      • I can only imagine! My dog loves when I make anything with shredded cheese; she vacuums it right up. Kind of hard to bake around a dog, though. =]

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