Meals This Week

I am still not 100% dedicated to this list of meals, but I have brainstormed a list of meals for us this week. I also have thrown together a meal plan for my son for at least Monday and Tuesday when he is home with his grandmother.

Meal Ideas:

Fried “Rice” – Paleo version using Cauliflower. I like Chicken Fried Rice, my husband likes vegetable fried rice, and I think my son would enjoy beef fried rice. So I will make a basic base “rice” and add our individual preferences for each batch. I will be trying out Coconut Aminos for this recipe.

Turkey Burgers – This was a staple when we went Paleo. I made them on the stove top with olive oil or butter. They soaked up the fat and reheated best in the oven. They are kind of a pain to make because they make quite a mess of the stove top (grease sizzling and popping), but they sure last a while.

Salads – BLT salad, a favorite of mine, or my husband will likely have it his usual with hard boiled eggs, tomato, and cheese. Simple and easy.

Snack Ideas:

Hard Boiled Eggs – we haven’t had any in the last couple weeks and they are often used in salads and as snacks.

“Fried” Apples – I cut up apples and pan fry them in some coconut oil and sprinkle a little cinnamon on top. A favorite in our house.

Lara Balls (i.e. homemade Larabars) – I think my experimentation into making balls instead of bars worked out better. This week I will make cherry balls for my son and cherry chocolate chip balls for my husband.

Lemon Balls – similar to Lara balls, I found a recipe on WordPress that I will try for these. No dates will be used, so maybe I will like them too!

Lemon pudding – I found a lemon pudding recipe that I would like to try if I get the time (probably later in the week). I am curious to see if I can use some gelatin to help it setup.

Angelfood Cake (gluten-free) – the lemon pudding calls for egg yolks, so why not create something to use up all those whites!

Cheese chips – I made some tonight already and they are good! I have an even better idea for making them tomorrow. Photos will come with that particular post!

Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes – I need a gluten-free cake alternative for the daycare on the days that other parents bring in birthday cake. So I am trying this recipe. I have it half started (dry ingredients are mixed). I will finish these tomorrow and see if they meet my son’s taste standards.

My Son’s Meal Plan for Monday

Breakfast: Sausage and “Fried Apples”

AM Snack: Raisins

Lunch: Venison Roast (brought by Grandma) and Broccoli Normandy (Broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots steamed and tossed with olive oil and seasoning)

PM Snack: Cheese Chips and banana

Dinner: TBD


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