Where Have I Been?

I have been de-stressing.

Last week was the second week of having our son in daycare Wednesday through Friday, and having my helpful mother-in-law stay with us to care for him on Monday and Tuesday. Last Sunday, I wasn’t feeling the best and I was quickly overwhelmed by her presence. Monday and Tuesday, I largely focused on work, but I still was not in a good place for cooking Paleo/Primal or gluten-free food.

This week I feel better. I am tired from daylight savings time–I really wish we could do away with it! But I am also on-call for work, so I am not sure if my schedule will be really regular this week.

So how about some updates?

The baby dropped last week on Thursday. It was a bit of a surprise–a painful surprise for my pelvis. Friday I had appointments with my nutritionist and OB. My nutritionist is happy with my numbers and I won’t need to meet with her again (unless my blood sugar numbers drastically change). My doctor is happy with my weight–which has stayed the same. I am still sitting at 29lbs lost. I said I would be happy to stay the same weight, but that last pound is really bugging me! I might try working on that this week since I am feeling better.

I will also post–a second post today about the gluten-free and Paleo/Primal recipes I have tried two weeks ago and last week. These are the recipes I meant to post last week but just didn’t get around to doing.

I am brainstorming another–longer post for later in the week about my child’s nutrition. Last Friday, he was given a cereal bar for snack–it was made with whole wheat and he broke out in a rash (in addition to his gas and cramping). We were a bit disappointed since he had a good alternative available that day. So, I am trying to put together some educational material for his daycare teachers.

Bleh, work calls!

Image © Yuri_arcurs | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images


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