Weigh-in, Gluten-Free Corn Dogs, Ice Cream, and Larabars

I met my not-so-necessary weight goals this week! I do my official weigh-ins on Sunday mornings even though I like to see how my weight fluctuates from day to day as I change what I eat. On Sunday I was so pleased when the scale read 246.8lbs! I finally got back down to 247lbs and surpassed it!

Ok, so what have I been eating? This past week I snacked on cashews and thawed strawberries. I also ate a lot of baby carrots. Smaller meals and snacking are slowly replacing full meals. But I have been active with preparing food for my family.

heart-shaped gluten-free corn dogs

The boys (my husband and son) have been eating gluten-free corn dogs. I found the original recipe here. My husband found it a little dry, so I made a few adaptions:

  • 1-2 Tbs of Honey (listed as optional in the recipe)
  • 1/8 – 1/4 C Milk (I use whole milk)
  • 2 – 3 Tbs of corn meal

I think the corn meal dries it out a little bit, but with the honey, at least, the dough can be refrigerated over night without drying out. These additions are approved by both child and husband. I like them because they are an easy meal I can make in advance for lunches and be reheated.

son helping grinding nuts

Last weekend I took on making homemade Larabars. I found a couple different recipes here and here. I even got some help in the kitchen from the boys (see photo). My son was delighted to be able to help with grinding up the nuts for these bars. I probably added too many nuts and they are a bit crumbly, but I was told they are delicious. This week I will make more, but I will likely be making them into balls rather than bars. The nice thing is even with the recipe, you can really play around with what you have lying around. I added some sesame seeds, orange zest, and a bit of orange juice (squeezed from orange) to one small batch. I was able to stretch my dates a bit by using raisins, and I had banana chips lying around and ground those up for a banana-bread like bar with walnuts.

dark chocolate coconut milk ice creamAfter getting home from work, I snacked on some fruit or cashews, but I looked forward to eating a couple servings of this coconut milk dark chocolate ice cream. Here where I found the recipe and for my vegan friends, it is vegan (as far as I can tell). It may not be my favorite ice cream, but it was tastely! I didn’t make any changes to this recipe. I think I might have added one extra little date but that was it.

If you are looking for some ideas for snacks, dessert, or lunches, I hope this small list helps you out this week. I also made some Oreo-like cookies (just the cookies, not the creme) last week for my husband, but I didn’t get any photos. I will be making more this week, especially since his co-workers loved them too! Tonight I tried several more recipes that I will post once I see how they pan out with the family (i.e. see if I need to make any changes). One is a sloppy joe recipe and the other two are quinoa recipes. Quinoa is something of a controversial food in the Paleo/Primal world, but I was curious to see how my son would handle it now that he has been gluten-free for a while. One of the recipes is a cheesy broccoli-quinoa recipe and the other is an oatmeal replacement recipe.

So, even though it is Monday and the start of another week, I hope your week is off to a good start! 🙂

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