Let’s Talk Numbers II

For anyone curious about my weight and some of my journey thus far with this diet, I briefly talk about that in this post. This isn’t so much as an update as it is a post about goals.

I have been doing better than I had anticipated. I am still around 248lbs right now. I am almost at the 247lbs I was at in October when I wasn’t eating anything. I would like to lose more, but as I have said before, I am also perfectly happy to stay at the weight I am for the next seven weeks. I can’t help but remember that  at this point with my last pregnancy, I started to gain back all the weight I had lost during my pregnancy so far. I could finally eat again. Food tasted delicious again! I feel like I have better control this time around.

I have started adding a little weight lifting to my day when I can (usually in the morning and before bed). I hate the extra skin and fat around my upper arms, so I have been trying to do stretches and lift the weight in such a way that those muscles start toning up.

Ok, but this post is about numbers and goals.

I am at 248lbs. I expect to lose about 15-17lbs immediately after giving birth. If my previous postpartum experience is something I can follow, I would likely lose another 5-10lbs within those first couple weeks. Maybe I will lose more since I won’t be changing how I eat just because I had a baby (i.e. eating more carbohydrates and junk food), so I am going to assume 5-10lbs.

But what are my goals? Well, short term is to stay where I am at. After delivery, I would like to see myself get down to 200lbs by the time I would go back to work in June. It would be nice, but not something I am going to force myself to do. My main concern is just losing weight and being smart about how I lose it (and realistic). I also plan–PLAN–on adding more activity to my day when I am at home, especially taking walks with the weather getting nicer!

If we look at the BMI, I would still be Obese at 200lbs. I would need to be just over 100lbs lighter than I am now to be Normal according to the BMI. I am not sure if I could get there to be honest. I last remember being 165-170lbs in high school. Maybe 145lbs is achievable, but I think I would just like to see if I could get down to 155lbs. So right now, that is my long term goal–to lose just under 100lbs. But, hey, if I lose more…well, that would just be awesome!

Now let’s talk about my husband. When we met or started dating, he weighed about 185lbs. He is tall and has broad shoulders, so he was slightly twig-ish at that time. In July when we started our Paleo/Primal journey, he weighed 263lbs. He didn’t really have any goals at that time, but he was curious to see how much weight he would lose. He was more concerned about his distended belly and the fact that he was having to go up in pants sizes every time we bought him new pants. Monday, he weighed in at 216lbs and he is happy where he is at. He is now Overweight according to the BMI, he would need to get back to his twig-ish 185 to just be inside the BMI’s Normal.


He hasn’t been eating very healthy. He has been eating a lot–A LOT–of carbohydrates lately. He knows how they can affect people, like they affect me, but he doesn’t think they affect him. I would like to see him cut gluten (with occasional treats)  and high fructose corn syrup products entirely, especially since he has gotten in the horrible habit of drinking soda at work again.

But regardless of how I would like to see him eat, it is up to him. I told him I could make more gluten-free things. I told him I am okay with him eating potatoes in front of me even though I can’t have them. I suggested that he just write down what he is eating all day for now. I can calculate the carbohydrates when he gets home. Then he could see how much he is eating and decide if getting back into omitting a lot of processed carbohydrates would make a difference.

I noticed a huge difference in how I felt this time around once I started recording what I ate and how it made me feel. Things I thought I could pass off as environmental was actually what I was eating or how much I was eating of a particular food.

This isn’t my first food journal, but it has been by far my most successful in terms of being aware of how food affects me. Even if people aren’t interested in changing what they eat, becoming aware of how the food they eat affects them is huge! We are usually so quick to blame our environment–and I am not going to claim that environment doesn’t play any role in how we feel–but the one thing that consistently comes into contact with our bodies and can directly manipulate them is what we put in our bodies.

Another note for all my followers, I will be in training (for work) today through the rest of the week. I may not post as much as I would like this week.

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2 responses to “Let’s Talk Numbers II

  1. Sweet Potatoes are a much better alternative to regular potatoes! Another few veggies I have tried since starting to try to eat more paleo last summer was kale and swiss chard. They are very delicious!

    • Thanks! Well, it is up to him and he really likes his waffle fries. I know I have seen sweet potato fries (even waffle fries) in the freezer section, but he likes his white potatoes.
      But in the end, it is his decision what he decides to eat.

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