Weekend Treats!

This weekend I felt ambitious and was craving some carbohydrates, so I made a couple treats for my family and me to enjoy.

First, I made ice cream. This recipe is dairy free (and vegan), but I admit I used heavy whipping cream instead of coconut milk. Still really delicious! And I didn’t need to add any honey for everyone to enjoy! My photo doesn’t look nearly as pretty as the photos in the recipe.

homemade ice cream w banana

Next, I made some candies for my husband. He really likes Mounds candy bars. Every Christmas, without fail, his family will buy him a huge bag that if left out will disappear inside a week. So I was delighted when I found this Chocolate Coconut Truffle by Dana @ Celiac Kiddo. I made mine in silicone muffin cups so they look more like peanut butter cups, but they are delicious! I ended up with leftover coconut mixture, which I plan to roll into balls and drizzle with some melted chocolate for a macaroon treat!

chocolates for my sweethearthomemade moundsMy husband’s only complaint about these candies is that I need to use darker chocolate next time!

One other treat that I made last night was a gluten-free sugar cookie for my son, since his class will be decorating sugar cookies on Thursday in celebration of Valentine’s Day. I found a great and simple recipe (also vegan) on Real Sustenance. I tried making the heart-shaped cookies in my heart-shaped silicone mold first, but they took a long time to bake and they weren’t setting up like your typical flat sugar cookie (for decorating).

heart shaped sugar cookiesSo to get my cookies to look like this, I had to roll out the dough on parchment paper (I tried wax paper at first, but the dough stuck to the wax paper). And used the closest thing I had to a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Once they were cool enough to pick up (but still really warm), I moved them to a cooling rack and flipped them. They can be a really soft cookie, but for decorating I wanted something a bit more firm. These turned out just right! The recipe is egg-free, so the first batch which were nice and soft, could be eaten without worry.

I would also recommend keeping them in the refrigerator over night or if you’re not going to eat them right away.

I also made my son some decorative frosting (sorry no photos). I didn’t have to, but I also didn’t want him coming home from the party running around on a sugar high. I made him a simple cream cheese frosting (sorry, not vegan).

  • 2 8oz packages of cream cheese (full fat is best), at room temperature
  • 6 Tbs of sugar (I used organic granulated cane sugar–I don’t remember the brand) you may need to adjust amount for the type of sweetener and how sweet you like your frosting.
  • 1 Tbs lemon juice (optional) I added to give it a little flavor

I got the cream cheese broken down and creamed before adding the sugar. I started with 3 Tbs and slowly added more until I got the sweetness I liked without the overt cream cheese taste. Once I got the sugar and cream cheese blended, I added the lemon juice, again, you can omit or add more to your taste.

Once made, I divided it up into six bowls, added food coloring and mixed until I got the colors I liked. You can obviously skip this step if you aren’t making frosting for decorating cookies.

If you are, you could also try do a flavoring with the coloring–I didn’t because I don’t have much for flavoring options outside of lemon and vanilla. For pink/red you can grind up freeze dried strawberries or other red fruit. It will also give it a natural color so you might not even need food coloring. For purple, I might try freeze dried blueberries. Lemon could be yellow and orange for, well, orange. I haven’t tried any of these tricks yet, but I think if you grind down the freeze dried fruits, you can get a powder for mixing in with your frosting.

So if you were looking for some last minute Valentine’s Day ideas, I hope this helped!


2 responses to “Weekend Treats!

    • I just wish I had more time to make these more often!
      Thank you! There are some great resources out there to be sure.
      The ice cream really hit the spot on Friday night. So delicious!

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