50 Paleo Foods Found at Costco for CHEAP! (Link) and Update

Quick update:

After weighing myself on Sunday, I am pleased that I have lost another three pounds. I am down to 248lbs!

Sunday was a busy day–I spent a lot of time cooking and trying new gluten-free recipes found here on WordPress. I will be posting critiques and photos soon! Monday night I experimented further, which is why I didn’t get around to posting anything until later today. Tomorrow I will post–well, repost a fellow blogger’s candy recipe which is perfect for Valentine’s day or Single Appreciation day. I won’t be really celebrating either this year. I made chocolates for my husband, but I know he won’t have anything for me, so meh.

Tonight I am making last minute gluten-free sugar cookies for my son to decorate at his school’s Valentine’s day party. I am also whipping up some cream cheese frosting just in case. I will post where I got the cookie recipe tomorrow!

Ok…this was just posted last night and I admit I have never shopped at Costco. I don’t usually buy in bulk and I hadn’t an opportunity to compare prices before, but these prices are insane! We’re definitely getting a membership soon.

Again, the list is here.

Good night!

Image © Ruzanna | Stock Free Images &Dreamstime Stock Photos


4 responses to “50 Paleo Foods Found at Costco for CHEAP! (Link) and Update

    • Thank you for posting it! I did get my membership about two weeks ago. It was an expensive first trip but worth it! A lot of the prices are great, but we found a few that were “meh.” This particular Costco doesn’t have as many of the Paleo/Primal essentials that we depend on, which is a little disappointing.
      Can you request products that are offered at other Costcos or do they sell products online?

  1. Sorry…I just saw your reply! Costco is REALLY good about listening to what you want. They have these little comment cards and just keep asking for a particular item!

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