How to Eat Paleo or Primal Part I

One of my close friends has decided to try eating Paleo–or well, Primal. I know there is a difference, but they do get lumped together a lot. She isn’t the first person to ask me how to do it, but since I have been eating much healthier lately I wanted to put more thought into how someone can be successful at sticking to a diet without grains, beans, and starchy vegetables.

Ease yourself into it. Some people can shift gears really quickly, but we took our time about going Primal the first time around. I tried limiting myself to one grain or starchy treat per meal at first and then I tried making more meals at home without any grains or starches. During this time, I also did research and tried out new recipes that we would all enjoy. Then we set a start date. We chose a Sunday since our Sundays were usually predictable. We did our measurements (weight and hip-to-waist ratio) every Sunday at the same time. We also planned out how to make the meals we decided to eat out fit into our new diet.

Research. I already said I had done my research, but when you’re one week in and you are sorely tempted to have a cookie, having a grain-free and healthy Primal cookie recipe on hand can make all the difference. There are several cookbooks on the market, but if you are looking for something easier on the pocketbook, the internet is also your friend. There are many recipes out there to try. Some will be delicious, but don’t be surprised to find some just won’t work for you no matter what you do. People have different tastes and like different things. Also, if you’re pretty good at throwing things together, try out some recipes of your own!

Be prepared to try new things. This diet or way of eating or lifestyle is going to be different to be sure, but you’re going to get more out of the experience if you try new things. Almond meal/flour and coconut flour and dates were among the new ingredients we tried while eating Primal. It can be pricey at first to buy some of this stuff, but I think if you had to pick (and you don’t have nut allergy), almond flour is the one I would invest in. Of course, if you love coconuts, well, then go for the coconut flour.

Image © Dgm007 | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos


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