What Really Makes Us Fat (Article)

One thing that makes me wince inside is when people who say things like “Oh, I am really eating healthy because I eat low-fat food and snacks!” especially, when we have explained how the Paleo/Primal/Low-Carb High-Fat diets work and they have seen the results!

I have snacked on low-fat foods, thinking it was healthy. It didn’t keep me full. I ate more and I didn’t lose any weight! I didn’t know what was wrong with what I was doing. The other problem with low-fat/no-fat foods is people think they can eat more of that food because they won’t get as much fat! If they were eating vegetables, I would be inclined to say it wouldn’t do any harm, but often times I see people eating fat-free snacks (fruit snacks, cookies, etc). Of course, all those low-fat snacks and foods were highly processed and full of carbohydrates and sugar which do add up!

Over the last week with monitoring my blood sugars, I have found I feel great when I only eat about 150g of carbohydrates throughout the day and most of those carbs are from fruit. I also feel like I am getting my second wind with eating lacto-paleo. My only problem is sleep. I am not getting enough without interruption.

In some cases, I can’t really do much to change the mind of these people who think my diet is strange, but I still feel compelled to find an article or in this case an op-ed that discusses studies that have been done. In this case, a study of people eating the same number of calories everyday, who tried eating a low-fat high carb diet, a low glycemic index diet, and a low-carb high fat diet.

Here is the  op-ed by Gary Taubes from last June.

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2 responses to “What Really Makes Us Fat (Article)

    • I have Why We Get Fat and Good Calories, Bad Calories, but I haven’t gotten very far into GC, BC because while he is very well researched, it got a bit dense to read. I will have to pick it up again. I saw you summarized Why We Get Fat–I am already planning on reading those posts!

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