Weekend Results

I wasn’t feeling well on Friday, so I wasn’t sure how successful my best laid plans would be. As it turned out, I felt better than I expected! But my son was cutting another molar and my husband wasn’t feeling well, so I only was able to accomplish a few of my goals.

plate of eggs, bacon, and toast with a bowl of raspberries

I decided that after trying to eat carbohydrates throughout the day and it seemingly in a larger quantity than my body is used to, I decided to start my weekend off eating more healthy fats and protein. Saturday and Sunday morning I made eggs, bacon, and toast. The toast was Udi’s Gluten-Free White sandwich bread. I also made up some chocolate milk. The meal was delicious! And I felt really good all day on Saturday. I felt full and had energy that lasted me well into the evening.

We went shopping and I was able to make my parfait. Here is my recipe for my fruit and nut parfait and fruit yogurt made from plain yogurt, honey, and fruit. The parfait is layered with Udi’s Gluten-Free granola, fruit, and chopped walnuts and almond slivers. I don’t have anything fancier to put this in other than a jar.


I got the pork roast for Mark’s Crispy Carnitas in later than I wanted to on Sunday, but it smelled really good all evening! I made it without the cinnamon stick because we didn’t have any, but I added some cracked black pepper. The meat still turned out really well and there was so much of it!

so much meat

It is so tender! Even the husband thought it was good and he doesn’t like pork! We also liked the seasoning, but again, I added cracked black pepper.

salsa 1

I found a Fresh Mild Salsa recipe on AllRecipes.com. I made a few adjustments, but it basically turned out like pico de gallo. Ah, well. I look forward to eating it with my carnitas meat on a bed of lettuce tomorrow for lunch! 😛 And I need to give a special thanks to my husband who helped me out with this and other things around the kitchen!

My Strawberries and Cream recipe will have to wait a day or two. Our refrigerator is so full right now! I also didn’t get around to making the Paleo Bread (or French Toast) or Samoa Cookies. Maybe next weekend. I am going to try to make the Paleo Bread and French Toast sometime this week to mix things up a bit for my family.

Happy Monday!


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