Pizza Night!

A couple weeks ago, I found Real Sustenance and picked out a handful of recipes that I thought our family would enjoy, one of those being a gluten-free pizza crust (go here for recipe!) recipe.

The one ingredient I couldn’t find locally was the Gluten Free Bisquick. Instead, I used Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Mix, which I found at my local grocery store (Woodman’s).

I made a double batch so we would both have our own pizza.

Cups of frothy yeast mixture

Yeast! I got the yeast going first. My first cup of yeast was probably dead–so I had to make another.

Homemade Pizza Crust ready to go!

Instead of using a spring-form pan (we only have one), I used glass pie dishes (we have around six!). It worked out fairly well. We used a small plate to push the dough out. I used my hands to even out the dough and work it up the sides of the pie dish.

A layer of spinach

This is my husband’s pizza. He opted for spinach, tomato, and mushrooms on his pizza.This is the layer of spinach.

Chris adding cheese to his pizza

A layer of cheese. He eventually added the tomato and mushrooms on top. That’s my crust in the background there.

Garlic-herb sauce and sausage

When it comes to pizza, I usually like a sauce-less or a garlic butter sauce on my pizza, and then dip the slices into a cup of marinara. I made my pizza half cheese and half cheese and sausage (breakfast sausage).

Chris' veggie pizza - homemade

sliced homemade pizza - cheese and sausage

Our finished pizzas! The pie dishes worked out well so long as we properly oiled and sprinkled enough corn meal. They still stuck a little but it didn’t take too much work to get them out.

two slices of homemade pizza

side items: raspberries and carrots

Since I didn’t have any vegetables on my pizza, I ate some carrots and frozen raspberries with a couple slices of pizza.


It was surprisingly easy to make and the dough wasn’t too bad to work with. My husband really liked the taste. I thought it was okay–definitely better than other homemade pizza crusts or prepackaged (gluten) crusts I have had. I like my crusts either thin and a little chewy or thick and greasy (like Pizza Hut’s pan style). This crust in our case was moderately thick but more dense (denser?) which seems to be a trend with gluten free foods. But it wasn’t too dry. The thickness and the chewiness didn’t work as well for me, but I like crusts a certain way.

I made this recipe again more recently and tried making a thinner crust, which didn’t work out as well as I would have liked (I couldn’t get it as thin without having it stick to the bottom of my pie dish). And I found if I ate much more than three pieces, it made me tired and gassy. So eat in moderation. The second time around I also tried making my pizza with marinara sauce (Whole Foods Market 365 Marinara–also at Woodman’s), and it was really delicious! The garlic butter sauce got absorbed by the crust and only really came out when I reheated it.


I found with this pizza, eating them cold isn’t too bad but it tastes a LOT better warmed up!

In the End:

I think this recipe will be a family favorite in our house, especially since the boys loved it. I would definitely recommend that you try out the recipe if you can because even though it isn’t my favorite, it is better than feeling sick from eating gluten-loaded delivery pizza! I know Real Sustenance also has another pizza crust recipe that I am a little hesitant to try only because it is so thick! But it will likely be something we will try in the future.


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