Exercise Confessions

When starting any diet, my husband’s first question is always “how much exercise will I have to do?” He hates exercising, and we have tried a number of diets that make claims of little exercise requirements. But still it is too much for him to do. I don’t mind walking or exercising, but I hate doing it alone. So when my partner has no interest, I fail to stay active.

When we started dating over six years ago now, my husband weighed about 180lbs. Over the years, he has gained weight and when we started our Paleo diet this past summer, he weighed in at 263lbs. Today, he weighed 217lbs and he is so pleased because he hasn’t had to become active in order to lose that weight.

Confession #1: So we haven’t been exercising, other than chasing around our toddler who started walking in September. All of the weight we have been losing has been based solely on changing our diets.

Now, I know that there is no way for me to reach my weight goals without becoming more active, even if it means I start walking a few miles a day. But it is really amazing to see significant changes from just changing how we eat! And I have plans for us to become more active, even if it means finding someone else to keep me company on daily walks.

Confession #2: I am totally jealous of my husband’s weight loss. But I am glad that he is willing to try new recipes with me, and well, he isn’t pregnant!

If you’re willing to add a bit of activity to your diet, you might want to checkout Move a Little Lose a Lot, which basically advocates walking daily. Another option is to try the exercise outlined in The New ME (Metabolic Effect) Diet, which advocates a 20 minute workout three days a week and walking the other days for at least an hour. What does the Paleo diet recommend? For couch potatoes like us, it would be ideal if we did a three day rotation:

  • Day 1: walking
  • Day 2: weight lifting
  • Day 3: stretching exercises
  • Repeat.

Once I am able (after the baby is born and I am all healed up), I am want to take some local Tai Chi courses. I have found that meditative stretching type exercise really helps lower my stress, even if I do it once a week.

I really liked the weight lifting exercises I learned from The New ME Diet, and I would use those for my weight lifting days.

And walking, well, I just have to get into the habit of walking more.

But I think I would do two three-day rotations and then have a rest day, so I have schedule and routine I can better manage.

It goes without saying that I hope I can manage all this. But even if I fail, I have to keep trying. If I have learned anything in the last few years, it is that I only truly fail at diet and exercise if I stop trying to do anything.

For those of you with New Year’s Revolutions or who are trying a new diet–don’t give up even if you cheat or fall behind!

Image © Jbreeves | Stock Free Images &Dreamstime Stock Photos


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