Not Trendy and Not Rich

I do not have Celiac disease. I have been running into articles that claim I am just a rich white woman pretending to have a trendy disease. My skin color doesn’t factor in and for what it’s worth, I would rather not have to have any disease–I don’t want anyone to have any disease! And rich? I wish!

I am eating gluten-free (and paleo at times) because it makes me feel better. I am not claiming to have any disease, but I am claiming that when I eat breads my asthma gets worse. When I don’t eat breads, I don’t need my super expensive asthma medication ($250/month). I also notice that my eczema isn’t as bad. In addition, I don’t get an ache in my intestines or bloat. So if changing how I eat makes me feel better, what should anyone else care about the color of my skin or the amount of money in my bank account?

To be fair, I thought the gluten-free thing was another health fad. And I have tried my share of diets and health fads in order to lose weight, but after a while one seems just as effective as another. I love bread. I have always loved bread. I didn’t even realize how much I loved bread until I had to try to go 30 days without it. But going into it, I knew that if I didn’t feel a difference in my health at least, then the only thing I lose is not eating bread for those 30 days.

But I did notice a difference.

So if it healthier for me forgo breads and other gluten foods. Then I am going to do it. I will probably eat some bread once in a while, knowing it will make me sick, but that is my decision.

I really shouldn’t have to justify what foods I choose to eat, but I feel like I have to. When I say “[this food] makes me feel sick” I still get strange looks. If it was a dairy-based food, people just accept it, but with grains, I am making the whole thing up. If it was meat or I claimed to be a vegetarian or vegan, I should expect to see someone rolling their eyes. There was a time when people sneered at the whole grain movement too, but now everything is advertised with whole grains.

The bottom line, I know how certain foods affect my body. If I choose not to eat it because I don’t like how it makes me feel, then people need to accept that.

Image © Bartekwardziak | Stock Free Images &Dreamstime Stock Photos


2 responses to “Not Trendy and Not Rich

  1. I’ve been gluten free for ten years, but only recently started letting-on. One benefit of the new-rich-white-woman-disease-of the-day.

    • I am amazed by the turn around many people in my life have been doing recently with regards to eating gluten free. Just over the weekend, one of my many aunts and her husband are eating gluten free after she listened to Dr Oz or someone like that talk about the wheat gut. When I tried telling her about it months ago, she just replied with “yeah” in a very dismissive tone.

      My biggest problem with giving up gluten-filled things and trying to eat more Paleo was giving up bread. I didn’t think I could do it–and I still love the stuff–but I feel so much better when I don’t eat the stuff.

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