Getting Back into Gluten-Free Eating

My second pregnancy has been a bit of a roller coaster for me these past few months and while the Paleo/Primal lifestyle worked really well for me throughout July and at the beginning of August, I still struggled to maintain this way of eating when food become my enemy in mid-to-late August.

Now that the holidays are over, a lot of the Paleo people I follow have been doing the 21-day sugar detox and other things to get back into good Paleo eating habits. I am pregnant, and while many would tell me not worry about my weight when I am pregnant, I am still very overweight–or obese by BMI standards. The best thing I can do is maintain my weight through this pregnancy. If I can loose weight, it is even better for me and my baby. But my goal with this pregnancy is to maintain my weight. The holidays didn’t pack on a lot of weight, but our few gluten-filled splurges recently have packed on about 5lbs and I need to bring that down.

So while I have been tracking my foods for over a month now in a food journal with moderate success (lately with the holidays, I have been bad about tracking what I have been eating), I am beginning to get a better idea of what works for me and what sets me off. I want to try to at least eat gluten-free, but I am also trying to eat more Paleo–more fats and veggies and fewer carbs.

This isn’t a New Years Resolution or anything like that. It is just a short-term goal that I would like to expand upon in the coming months. Because once baby is born, I am going to be trying to eat more Paleo/Primal!




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